ChristianZen is an ethical lifestyle brand comprised mainly of unique and exquisite beach & resort wear. Inspired by voyages and craftsmanship, curates Greek and multicultural elements embodied by it’s signature, the PEACOCK. The epitome of nature’s beauty and vibrant life, as a symbol of integrity, vision and protection,  the PEACOCK shows what we achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors. 

The brand was born in Greece 6 years ago on the backdrop of a fierce economic crisis proving that eco-sustainable beliefs and practices led by immense dedication can be nurtured into a grass roots luxury lifestyle brand.  

ChristianZen balances modern and relaxed elegance with an artisanal flair by creating timeless pieces.


Sidsel Christiansen, the designer behind the label is Danish born, and moved to Greece a couple of decades ago.   She has enjoyed bringing up her family in Athens and translated her passion for travel and interior design into beautifully and consciously crafted resort creations sold worldwide. Her philosophy stands for support of small communities and empowering women.

Timeless Craftsmanship

ChristianZen’s pieces are handmade in Greece and around the world, produced in small workshops by artisans honoring and preserving traditional techniques such as patchwork, hand crochet, embroidery, weaving and beading. Hand dyeing and block printing with natural dyes feature often in her collections

Considered materials 

Materials are strictly natural, cotton, silk, linen and tencel, offering comfort, elegance and style. Mostly organic cotton and linen are used and sewn into sweeping styles in an array of colors. Vintage and recycled materials contribute to the zero waste and environmental footprint approach of ChristianZen.

Heart made

Heart made represents the ethos that everything is made with love and attention to detail.